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20 Gifts For Women in Their 30s Who Love Self-Care

Are you looking for gift ideas for women in their 30s? Then You have come to the right place. In this article, I have put together 20 gifts for women in their 30s who value self-care.

What do women in their 30s have in common? If you are one of us, you will agree that things become very different from being in your 20s. Some items may not have changed for everyone at the same time, but we can all agree that priorities have shifted, and self-care has moved up higher on the list of priorities.

Whether you are looking for birthday or Christmas gifts for women in their 30s, this list will help you brainstorm your options.

Gift Ideas For Women in their 30s

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gifts for women in their 30s : Pure silk pillow case

100% Pure Silk Pillow Case

This luxury pillowcase is crafted from pure silk inside and out. Silk fibers are dermatology and hairdresser recommended because they absorb moisture far less than any other fabrics. Hence, it helps to keep expensive hair and skin care products where they belong.

BeautyBio Total Eye and Face Care Set

Do you know someone obsessed with a skincare routine? BeautyBio’s gift sets are undoubtfully tempting to give and receive. This collection features a Micro needling tool (painless) accompanied by an eye balm, skin prep pads, and sanitizing spritzer.

gifts for women in their 30s : Eye and Face care set
gifts for women in their 30s : Lip treatment trip

Melixir Vegan Lip Butter Trio

Vegan lip treatment made with clean plant-based ingredients to nourish and treat lips. This trio will be another thoughtful and cute little gift for women in their 30s who love self-care.

Porcelain Tea Cup Set

Nothing speaks more relaxing and fun than a cozy girl’s brunch day with some tea, bakery, and long conversations. Tea time, please!

gifts for women in their 30s : Pink tea cup set
gifts for women in their 30s : Travel size face cream set

Biossance Travel Size Gift Set

If you are looking for skincare products committed to clean beauty, Biossance is a great option. This complete gift set includes comprehensive daily skincare: The night serum, vitamin C rose oil, omega repair cream, probiotic gel moisturizer, and marine algae eye cream—an ideal option to add to your gift guide.

Ugg Women’s Blanche

Does not evenings curled up in this robe sound very cozy and relaxing?! We all know how cozy and warm Ugg products are. This Blanche / robe will make an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

gifts for women in their 30s : Ugg Robe
gifts for women in their 30s : Kora Organics face oil

Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil

Kora Organics Award-winning face contains natural ingredients and antioxidants. It is a fantastic addition to the skincare routine! It helps to nourish, brighten and smooth the skin. I can honestly say that this is my number one skincare product.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

Slip silk has been developed to provide a combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability. Combine this mask with the slip silk pillowcase for ultimate beauty sleep.

gifts for women in their 30s : Eye mask
gifts for women in their 30s : Hair dryer

T3 Micro Professional Hair Blow Dryer

T3 Micro Professional hair blow dryer is the winner of the 2018 brides award. It promises to make the freezy hair more frizz-free and healthy-looking. Besides, it is beautiful!

Blue Lunar Yoga Mat

Do you know someone whose self-care routine consists of a regular yoga exercise or who wants to join the club? Then they will love this gift. Made with natural tree rubber, this mat is thick enough to skip the towel underneath it and ideal for hot yoga practice.

Yoga mat : gift idea for women in their 30s
Gifts for women in their 30s - eye Balm

Tula Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm

Tula cooling eye balm is made with probiotic extracts and skin superfoods. It helps to brighten, cool down, and help the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Also, it is portable and easy to apply anywhere! Currently seats on my office desk and loving it.

Hair Dryer Brush / Styler

For someone who loves hair styling products and different ways to style their hair, then this hot airbrush will be an amazing addition. It combines both curling and straightening capabilities.

Hair dryyer brush : Gift ideas for women
gifts for women in their 30s : Dyson airwrap set

Special Edition Dyson Airwrap Styler

Do you not mind a splurge? This limited edition complete Dyson Airwrap styler will be the keeper for that special someone. This gift will have a huge impact, whether it is a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just another beautiful day.

PUR Botanicals Magenta Ice Roller for Face

Ice rollers are a wonderful addition to the self-care routine. The cold roller has many benefits when used correctly and consistently every day for at least five minutes.

Ice roller for women
Gift idea for women : Tula gift set

Tula 3-Step Balance Skin bundle

What makes Tula skincare line great is its clean ingredients and also effectiveness. This gift set includes a purifying cleanser, gel toner, and hydrating day & night cream.

Nutribullet Blender / Mixer and a recipe book

This high-speed Nutribullet blender makes one of the best gifts for women in their 30s. And one of the best ways to keep their superfood intake balanced. This blender comes with a 1000 wat base with auto shut off technology, 32 oz colossal cup with handle, and 28oz stainless steel cup with a grip that will keep smoothies cold for up to 8 hours.

gifts for women in their 30s : Nutribullet blender
gifts for women in their 30s : Makeup Mirror with lights

Lighted Makeup Mirror

Makeup mirror makes one of the best practical and cute gifts for women in their 30s.

Ugg Slippers

For someone who loves to wear comfortable footwear around the house, Ugg water-resistant slippers will most likely make them very happy.

gifts for women : Ugg slipper
gift ideas for women : Humidifier

VIVITEST Ceramic Diffuser & Humidifier

This highly-rated ultrasonic diffuser and humidifier is just classy addition to any home. Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to slow down at the end of the day and relax our minds. However, you can switch to a humidifier at any moment as well.

Kindle Paperwhite

What can be better self-care than getting lost inside a good book? Women in their 30s certainly miss quiet times to catch up with a good book. Kindle makes it a super convenient option to be carried everywhere. Kindle paperwhite edition is the thinnest and lightest of all.

Gifts For Women in Their 30s

I hope this little gift guide will help you brainstorm the ideas for someone who loves self care and quality time. Is there something you would add to the list that you love? I am all for recommendations! Please share ideas in the comment section.

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  1. All these gift ideas are so good!! Love all the healthy skin products and those Ugg slippers are exactly the slippers I’ve been looking for. So I might just get them for myself lol Thanks Mariam for your time in drafting this list so it’s easier for us condense all the options and it’s less overwhelming:)

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