What is New at Hotel Stay During the COVID-19

What is New at Hotel Stay During the COVID-19

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Whether you love to take frequent mini-trips away from home or prefer to plan long vacations, you are probably wondering what to expect from your hotel stay during the COVID-19. In this post, you will learn about some of the things that are different when it comes to your overall hotel experience. We hope this post helps you better prepare for your next trip!

Masks, Temperature Checks, and Sanitizers

Masks. Expect masks at your hotel stay during the COVID-19. Masks are everywhere! Seriously, make sure to pack them. Perhaps, this is the most obvious change that you can anticipate without our warning. However, it is still worth mentioning that, within reason, you will be expected to social distance and cover your face on the hotel premises.

Travel essentials during the Covid-19

In addition, you will also have your temperatures checked frequently. These checks are super quick and completely contactless. In our experience, they do not create any additional inconvenience.

Lastly, hand sanitizers are conveniently located in every corner, which makes it easy to keep your hands clean. Equipment is also frequently wiped down. These measures certainly create a feeling of cleanness and safety.

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Altered Housekeeping Expectations at your Hotel Stay During the COVID-19

This change will vary from state to state and hotel to hotel. However, do not expect daily housekeeping services at your hotel stay during the COVID-19. Some hotels will only clean your room after you spend a certain number of days there. Others may not come at all unless you explicitly request the service. While this may not be the most exciting news (I mean, we all love fresh sheets and towels), it is undoubtedly for the best! The change ensures the unwanted germs from other rooms stay away from yours. Hotels are doing their best to keep us safe and healthy.

Restaurants and Food Options

Good food is one of the most important aspects of the overall travel experience. Who does not enjoy a good dinner and the right wine at the end of a long day? Unfortunately, things can be a little different at your hotel stay during the COVID-19. Hotels with multiple restaurants may opt-out to close some of them and only keep one or two restaurants open. Depending on state regulations, seating can also be limited to outdoors only. The same is also true for restaurants outside the hotel. While some restaurants may offer indoor and outdoor options, others may be open for take-out only or not open at all. Reservations are also more important now. Not all restaurants will welcome unexpected guests during the pandemic.

If you are up for it, these closures do open the door for new adventures! You can plan exciting picnics or enjoy your take out in less crowded settings.

Amenities and Activities at your Hotel Stay During the COVID-19

It goes without saying that the pandemic has also impacted the way hotel amenities and activities are run. Expect changes when it comes to service and speed at your hotel stay during the COVID-19.

When it comes to the spa, pool, and gym services, depending on the state and hotel, some hotels are still keeping these amenities closed. Some others, however, are open but operate on time restrictions.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to book a couple’s massage. As for the pool and gym, they may ask that you reserve your pool and gym times in advance. For example, during our recent stay at Spruce Peaks Lodge, discussed in How to Plan a Family Getaway in Stowe, Vermont Guide, the hotel asked guests to reserve 1 hour and 45-minute slots per day. The staff took 15 minutes to wipe down chairs and tables before the next patch of guests were let in. During weekdays, when the pool was not completely booked, they did try to accommodate overtime. Due to the number of people that generally like to enjoy pool and gym privileges, make sure you complete your reservations ahead of time. During busy times, these requirements will be strictly enforced.

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The Positive

To accommodate these inconveniences that were forced on them by the pandemic, hotels are trying their best to get creative and offer other complementary services. To accommodate for closed restaurants, you may see an outdoor food truck or a snack bar. If you are traveling to the mountainside, you may receive an invite for a complimentary hike. Hotels with enough outdoor space to allow for proper social distancing may be offering free movie nights.

The bottom line is that hotels understand some of these restrictions are less than welcome, but they are doing their best to provide a positive experience for their guests. If you are open to travel with some adjustments, you will still have a positive experience!

I would love to hear your personal experiences while staying at the Hotel during the Covid-19. What was new for you? Please share below in comments.


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