Koziar’s Christmas Village: Magical Family Weekend Guide

Are you looking for a magical weekend trip to truly experience the Christmas spirit? look no further, as Koziar’s Christmas Village in Bernville, Pennsylvania, has got you covered.

This enchanting destination will mesmerize you with its stunning light displays and festive atmosphere. A trip to Koziar’s Christmas Village is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the holiday celebrations with your loved ones.

As we approach the holiday season, nothing is more magical than exploring places with sparkling lights. A trip to Koziar’s Christmas Village will offer an unforgettable holiday experience for the entire family.

We visited Koziar’s Village twice, and so far, it has been the best Christmas village we have been to. Therefore, I wanted to share our experience, what to expect, how to navigate the village, and where to stay nearby.

History of Koziar’s Christmas Village

Can you picture over a million Christmas lights dazzling in a small town? That is what Koziar’s Christmas Village looks like during the holiday season. The buildings, gift barns, trees, and landscape are all covered with colorful lights. Simply a fairytale!

The beautiful display of Christmas decorations transforms the family farm in Bernville, PA, into a vintage winter wonderland. As you stroll through the illuminated walkways, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into your favorite holiday story.

Since 1948, the Koziar family has created this wonderful experience to kick off the holiday season. Starting on the first Saturday in November, Koziar’s Christmas Village sparkles through Sundays and Fridays until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, you can visit daily until January 1st, giving you plenty of time to experience the magic.

Mom s with a stroller at Koziar's Christmas Village surrounded with snow and twinkly decorations

Location and Directions

Koziar’s Christmas Village, a magical destination for a weekend trip, is located in Bernville, PA, a charming town in the heart of the USA.

To reach this enchanting place, set your GPS to 782 Christmas Village Rd, Bernville, PA 19506.

Driving to Koziar’s Christmas Village through the darkened countryside is an experience in itself. As you traverse the unlit country roads and crest the final hill, you’ll suddenly find yourself immersed in a dazzling world of twinkling lights – a true fairyland that ignites the holiday spirit.

If you’re coming from Reading, PA, the village is just a short drive away, making it an excellent choice for a festive day trip or a magical weekend getaway. So gather your friends and family, hop in the car, and head towards Bernville for an unforgettable adventure at Koziar’s Christmas Village.


Before Thanksgiving, you can experience the Christmas Village on Fridays from 6 PM to 9 PM, Saturdays from 5 PM to 10 PM, and Sundays from 5 PM to 9 PM. This is the perfect opportunity to start your holiday celebrations early. After all, who doesn’t love the festive atmosphere?

From Thanksgiving through January 1st, the village expands its operating hours to accommodate more visitors. During this time, the weekend hours are Fridays from 6 PM to 9 PM, Saturdays from 5 PM to 10 PM, and Sundays from 5 PM to 9 PM. Also, don’t forget that the Christmas Village is open on weekdays as well, from Monday to Thursday, between 6 PM and 9 PM.

During the month of December, pay special attention to the exceptional Christmas Eve festivities. The Village is known to provide an unforgettable holiday experience which you and your family or friends will cherish.

Best Time to Visit

During the holiday season, Koziar’s Christmas Village gets quite busy, especially on weekends. To experience the dazzling Christmas lights and festivities at ease, it’s best to plan your visit during non-peak days. If your schedule allows, weekdays are an ideal time to visit, as there will be less crowd and shorter wait times compared to weekends.

As for the time of day, arriving at the village at least 30-45 minutes before the official opening time can save you from getting stuck in traffic. For instance, if the village opens at 5:00 pm, try to be there between 4:15 pm-4:30 pm. This will provide enough time to find a parking space and secure a good spot to enjoy the attractions. Keep in mind that during peak hours, there might be busloads of people and thousands of cars that could contribute to traffic jams.

Hotels Near Koziar’s Christmas Village

To make the experience more enjoyable and accommodate yourself and the little ones if you are traveling with kids, we recommend staying at the local hotel. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton in Reading, PA.

This hotel was so welcoming. Everyone was super lovely and radiated warmth and positivity.

The welcoming attitude at the hotel made our overall experience even more enjoyable. Not to mention that hotel is famous for its warm chocolate chip cookies! They are simply delicious and will be handed to you during check-in time. Also, throughout your stay there. So Yummy!

Beyond the welcoming staff, the hotel offers plenty to keep you busy for a few hours: A pool, an on-site restaurant, a fitness center, and in-room service.

We loved our afternoon swim before visiting the Koziar’s Christmas Village.

mom and baby at the pool at the hotel near Koziars christmas village

Navigating Through Village

As you arrive at Koziar’s Christmas Village, your first task will be to find a parking spot. Luckily, parking is free at the village, making it one less thing to worry about. You’ll find a spacious parking lot available to accommodate all visitors.

Once you’ve parked your car, follow the pathways into the magical village. These walkways are designed to be easy to navigate, even on busy nights with large crowds. To make it even more enjoyable, the pathways are illuminated with sparkling lights, immediately immersing you in the festive atmosphere.

How Long Does it Take to Go Through Koziar’s Christmas Village?

The speed of getting through all parts of the village is up to you; plan about one hour to spend here if it is freezing out but up to two hours if you are unbothered by the weather.

When we arrived, it was a super cold and snowy day. While everything looked even more magical with the snow, the wind and cold were starting to bother us, so we stayed approximately an hour before we returned to warm ourselves at the hotel—a quick reminder to dress warm when visiting the village.

The village is wheel-chair and stroller-friendly, ensuring everyone can enjoy this delightful experience comfortably.

Baby peeking from a stroller surrounded by Christmas lights iat Koziar's Christmas Village.

As you wander through Koziar’s Christmas Village, prepare to be immersed in a wonderland of festive delights. Everywhere you look, there are breathtaking displays radiating holiday cheer. Whether the stunning lake reflects the dazzling lights or the lovingly decorated buildings, every corner offers a mesmerizing view perfect for holiday souvenirs.

Koziars Christmas Village outdoor decor with Christmas tree display and a reindeer with Santa sleight

Among the displays, you’ll find yourself captivated by various indoor attractions featuring spectacular scenes of Santa and his elves hard at work. Be sure to explore these captivating indoor displays, as they truly showcase the magic and artistry of the holiday season.

As you explore the village, keep an eye out for arrows and signs which will guide you through various attractions and displays. These helpful indicators ensure you don’t miss any of the wonderful experiences Koziar’s Christmas Village has to offer.

Remember to be mindful of other visitors while walking through the crowds. During peak hours, the village tends to get busy, and being considerate of others will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

We strolled around the tiny, bright streets surrounded by beautiful Christmas lights, visited Santa’s shops, and drank hot chocolate.

signs and trees decorated in Christmas lights at Koziar's Christmas Village

Dining at the Village

During your magical weekend trip to Koziar’s Christmas Village, you’ll surely build up an appetite from exploring the dazzling lights and festive displays. Don’t worry, there’s a variety of delicious food options to satisfy your cravings right within the village.

Indulge in some comfort foods, like a warm slice of pizza or a juicy burger from one of the onsite stands. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a winter wonderland experience without a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep you cozy as you roam around the festive area.

Just a short drive away from the Christmas Village, you can also find some local gems to satisfy your food cravings. One popular spot is Sam’s Pizza and Pasta, known for their delicious pizza and Italian dishes. It’s a fantastic place to unwind from a busy day and savor a meal with your loved ones.

Tips and Recommendations

When planning your visit to the magical Koziar’s Christmas Village, there are several things to keep in mind for a fun and memorable experience. Here are a few friendly tips and recommendations for your weekend trip.

Arrive early or later in the evening: The Christmas Village can get crowded, especially on weekends. Arriving early or later in the evening helps avoid peak crowds and ensures you have ample time to explore the beautiful displays.

Dress for the weather: Since most of your time at the village will be spent outdoors, dressing appropriately for the weather ensures you’ll be comfortable throughout your visit. Bundle up in warm clothing, and don’t forget hats, gloves, and scarves, especially on chilly evenings.

Bring a camera: Capture the magic of the light displays, your family’s joyful reactions, and the stunning beauty of the reflective lake. These wonderful memories are sure to last a lifetime, so bring along a camera to document your experience.

Things to do: Apart from admiring the festive lights and displays, you can also enjoy various activities like train rides, visits with Santa Claus, and unique photo opportunities. Add these to your must-do list to make the most of your visit.

Shopping: The village offers several gift barns and shops where you can find a wide variety of Christmas-themed items, ornaments, and souvenirs. It is a perfect opportunity to find unique holiday gifts, decorations, and mementos of your visit.

By following these tips and recommendations, you’re sure to have a magical time at Koziar’s Christmas Village. Enjoy your weekend trip and cherish the unforgettable memories you create there!

There is no better way to end the evening at Koziar’s than visiting Santa in his tiny home. Expect long lines during weekends, but it moves pretty fast.

Conclusion: Visiting Koziar’s Christmas Village

There you have it. An excellent little guide to planning your perfect magical family getaway. I recommend visiting Koziar’s Christmas Village with or without kids. For more day and weekend trips, check out family-friendly weekend trips.

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