Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald: Ultimate Hotel Review

Are you visiting Grindelwald, Switzerland, and considering staying at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald? I am reviewing our family stay at this hotel and sharing my honest opinion.

Located in the breathtaking alpine village of Grindelwald, Switzerland, the Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald offers an enchanting stay in stunning Swiss countryside. With its traditional Swiss hospitality and modern amenities, this charming hotel is one of the most picturesque settings in the world.

We stayed at Hotel Belvedere during our trip to Grindelwald, and I can safely say I cannot wait to return one day. We experienced top-notch hospitality, delicious cuisine, a prime location, and 360-degree views of the Swiss Alps—a dream come true.

Whether it’s the ski slopes in winter or the hiking trails in summer, Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald could be the paradise you’re searching for.

In this article, I will share our personal experience at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald.

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Drone shot of hotel Belvedere in Grindelwald, Switzerland


Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald is in the Jungfrau region, offering endless outdoor adventures for nature enthusiasts.

We planned a day trip to Jungfraujoch from here and experienced the outstanding Bernese Alps. Getting there was effortless, and the entire experience was beautiful. Do not miss getting on top of Europe when you are in Grindelwald.

The hotel’s location is ideal for planning several-day trips like Jungfraujoch, Interlaken, Bern, or Lucerne. We also did Lauterbrunnen and Wengen, which were worth the trip. Make sure to check out the guide to day trips from Grindelwald.

The hotel is only a 10-minute walk from Grindelwald Village Center. We loved strolling here in the evenings after our outdoor adventures.

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view of the mountains and gondolas in Grindelwald

Getting Here

Zurich Airport is the closest airport to Grindelwald. If you arrive directly from the airport or a nearby town, Geneva, you can easily reach the hotel by car or train.

From Zurich: To travel from Zurich to Grindelwald, you can take a direct train from Zurich’s central station (Zurich Hauptbahnhof). The journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours.

From Geneva: You can take a train from Geneva Central Station (Gare Cornavin) to Grindelwald and then take a transfer to Bern. The journey takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours.

If you are someone like us who travels with kids or does not want to take any risks of using public transportation during a long distance, I recommend renting a car or booking an airport transfer.

mom and son standing in front of a switzerland train


Hotel Belvedere offers a range of rooms to suit various preferences and group sizes.

You can choose from single rooms, ideal for solo travelers, to spacious family suites that accommodate those vacationing with children. Moreover, they have elegantly appointed deluxe rooms catering to those seeking luxury during their stay.

No matter how small or large your room will be, you get a balcony and a view of either Mountain Eiger or Wetterhorn without any extra upgrades!

We stayed in a classic double room with a sofa bed and a balcony overlooking the Eiger Mountain. If you have been to Europe, you will notice that rooms are relatively small and get smaller in the city centers. This room was large enough for a family of 3 and all our belongings.

Room at hotel belvedere grindelwald  featuring bed, desk and a plant decor
hotel room bathroom in Belvedere hotel

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Family Friendly Activities

The hotel has been family-run for three generations. Families with children are welcome here. Ever since our son joined our adventures, this has become important to us when choosing hotels.

kid smiling  inside hotel's outdoor decor Gondola.

The Hotel Belvedere has quite a few things to do for families. There is a game room with various family games, including a small corner for toddlers.

There is also a small playground in front of the hotel entrance, which was very helpful for keeping our wild one entertained. In addition, there is a family-friendly indoor pool.

swimming pool at hotel belvedere grindelwald

The hotel also offers family-friendly spa services, such as a heated mine gallery, an ‘experience’ shower, and whirlpools. Saunas and steam baths are for adult use only. There are just so many ways to distress and relax here.

Most importantly, they have a kid’s menu to find everyone’s favorite chicken/fish nuggets, fries, spaghetti, vegetables, breadcrumb veal, and more.

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Sun Deck at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald

Enjoy your delirious frozen cocktails, beer, and Juices (for kiddos) on a terrace with 360-degree views of Grindelwald Valley. The sun terrace is connected to the indoor area, where you can find multiple lounging chairs, a billiard table, and a fireplace. It does not get any better than this.

Happy girl at hotel belvedere Grindelwald terrace with a mountain view
Mom and son enjoying refreshments while staying at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald
Drinks and popcorn with a view in Grindelwald Swiss Quality Hotel
hotel belvedere Grindelwald sun deck with a mountain view
burgers and fries captures on the terrace of hotel belvedere

Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald Restaurant

When you stay at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald, you do not have to go far for your meals. The hotel offers breakfast and dinner inside the restaurant Belvedere. You may order what is available through the Bar and Lounge for lunch.

The breakfast buffet was my personal favorite. So much variety of food was available to satisfy everyone’s appetite: cured meat assortments, bakery, eggs, serials, dairy, fruits, and more. It was so good! I could not stop eating their croissants and jams.

hotel belvedere grindelwald breakfast plate featuring croissants, coffee, jam, egg, bread and some meat

If you are an early bird, you may get a bonus spot with a window seat to enjoy spectacular mountain views and your delicious breakfast.

When it comes to dinner, expect a more formal service and atmosphere. Our table was so beautifully decorated, and the food was so delicious. We only wish we had had more time to enjoy these meals. Our son is too young to appreciate slow dinners in a fine-dining restaurant.

dinner served at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald featuring gnoci
pasta served at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald

In addition to the main restaurant, bar, and lounge, the hotel has another restaurant that opens only from December to April and offers Swiss specialty dishes such as Fondue. It would make a cozy little place to enjoy after a winter adventure in the Swiss Alps. Make sure to check it out if you are traveling during those months.

Final Thoughts: Staying at Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald

Hotel Belvedere Grindelwald is undoubtedly a perfect hotel for your stay in Grindelwald. Whether visiting with kids or not, the hotel offers everyone a little bit of everything.

The hotel staff was incredibly accommodating and professional. They were very well-versed in English, so we felt no pressure regarding communication.

I think the high ratings and not-so-cheap hotel prices stand well, along with the experience you get here. We cannot wait to come back here someday when we are back in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

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