Tulips Farm NJ: Plan the Most Beautiful Spring Day Trip

When it comes to the best tulip farms globally, Holland has it all. However, if you cannot fly to Holland, you can also visit Holland Ridge Farms! This tulips farm in Cream Ridge, NJ, has become the most beautiful spring attraction. With millions of colorful tulips blooming, there is no doubt you will fall in love with them. But do not go unprepared. In this post, I am sharing all the tips you need to know before visiting this Tulips Fields in NJ.

Girl sitting through the tulips and looking away
Tulips Farm in NJ: Holland Ridge Farms
Red tulips at Holland Ridge Farms NJ
Holland Ridge Farms

Tulips Farm in NJ

Holland Ridge farms were founded by the Jansen family. They started growing the tulips back in Holland over 100 years ago. After the immigration to the USA in 1964, Casey Jr. extended the roots of tulip creation in New Jersey. His dream was to create a field with Holland Tulips. At the age of 17, he was already so equipped with the family knowledge of growing tulips that he founded tulips Holland Greenhouse Inc. This is still an active business that is developing and delivering fresh tulips to various supermarkets.

closeup of red tulips at the tulips farm NJ
Holland Ridge Farms

It was not until 2017 that the idea of “You pick your own tulips” was founded. After extremely positive feedback from the visitors in 2018, the Jasen family decided to keep the tradition going. Last year public was allowed to visit tulips farm NJ drive-through only. Luckily, we can still see and pick our tulips in 2021. Currently, Holland Ridge Farm is the home of the largest tulips farm on the East Coast.

colorful tulip fields at Holland Ridge farms NJ
Holland Ridge Farms

Holland Ridge Farms Tickets

Tickets for the Tulips season start to sell in April when tulips start to bloom, but the dates can change depending on mother nature. Like many other popular attractions, there should be no surprise that tickets for the tulips Farm in NJ sell out fast. To ensure you are ahead of the crowd when purchasing tickets, you can follow these simple steps.

Tickets start to be on sale usually in April when tulips start to bloom and only last 3-4 weeks.

  • Visit their website for additional information and also sign up for their newsletter!
  • Follow their Facebook page.
Mom and son at tulips farm. Son is handing mom a tulip and both smiling
Holland Ridge Farms

Holland Ridge Farms Ticket Price

The Farm is open daily 9 AM-6 PM, rain or sunshine, through the Tulips Festival. Currently, there are 3-time slots available 9 AM-12 PM, 12 PM-3 PM, 3 PM-6 PM.

Ticket price: Seniors (age 61+) and military $10.66, Adults (age 13-60) $12.80, Children (age 3-12) $8.53.

Arrive Early at the Tulips Fields

Arrive as early as possible! Be mindful that this attraction is in high demand for influencers, photographers, and families. After our trip to Holland Ridge Farms this weekend, I received an email that not all guests made it to the fields due to high traffic. I could imagine how many visitors returned home upset. It is worth noting that traffic was created by people driving to the farm, following the narrow road that leads to it. My biggest advice would be to choose morning slots and arrive on time (or early)! Not only will you beat the traffic, but I promise you will have much fewer people in your photo backdrop the earlier you are able to get there.

Girl surrounded with colorful tulips at the Holland Ridge Farms
Tulips farm in NJ

Lines pick up really fast if you are going to purchase tulips that you picked at the farm. Your time in the line depends on how early you finished picking your flowers and want to leave. I was standing in line for about 25 minutes. We arrived at 9:30 AM and were ready to leave by noon. It is worth noting that the lengths of the purchase lines at least quadrupled as I paid and was walking towards the exit. Arrive early, once again.

U-Pick Tulips in New Jersey

If you live in NYC or NJ and searching for “pick your own tulips near me” then you came to the right place. Besides discovering millions of colorful tulips at Holland Ridge Farm, you may also pick your own tulips and take them home! There is no limited quantity. How wonderful and unique is this experience? At Holland Ridge Farms you may pick your own tulips for $1 a term in addition to admission price.

a hand holding tulips bouquet in the tulips farm NJ
U-Pick Tulips at Holland Ridge Farms

You may want to grab them all and take them home right away but be mindful and consider these few tips that I myself learned during my visit to the Tulips farm.

Yellow tulips at the farm
Holland Ridge Farms

Things to know before visiting Holland Ridge Farms

Plastic baskets are available for guests at the entrance. You may bring your own, prettier, basket if you are not excited about plain black baskets offered by the farm.

There is no gardening shear offered so you are on your own with it. We did not bring any and I picked my tulips with my hands. I must admit some of them were a bit harder to pull so it is better to take a clipper with you. If you are taking kids with you, show them how to cut stems properly.

Cut the tulip stem, don’t pull. I am guilty of pulling some of the stems before realizing I should have brushed up on google on my gardening skills a bit more before my visit to tulips farm.

Pick tulips that are not fully open. Choose ones that are about to open up but don’t go with ones that are already fully open to ensure they last longer. If you want to be extra careful, you can carry a large water bottle to keep stems fresh longer. I personally did not have it and they arrived perfectly fresh at home even after 1.5 hour drive from tulips farm in NJ.

Pink and yellow tulips at the farm

What to Wear during a tulip festival NJ

So you decided to purchase tickets for Holland Ridge Farms and picked your time slot (hopefully morning). Now it is time to prepare your outfit. You will want to wear something colorful if you are going to take pictures (You absolutely should). This field offers such stunning photo backdrops for you and your family. Try to coordinate colors. I recommend wearing pink, yellow, purple, orange, or white colors. They will pop beautifully in your pictures.

Holland Ridge Farms

What not to wear in Tulip Fields?

Do not wear Pretty shoes! Do not even think about it. Expect fields to be muddy. Especially if it rained a day before or is raining during your visit. Wear rain boots or muck boots. You can easily hide them in the flowers when taking your photos.

Girl walking in the tulips farm nj
Holland Ridge Farms
blue rain boots surrounded with tulips

Find all the photo props that are installed throughout the fields. We noticed at least 4 bicycles, but I believe there were more. Take a picnic basket and enjoy your snacks on the picnic tables available for the guests. A tractor ride is available at no additional cost, a big hit with the kids, and a hay puzzle. Seat and enjoy the beautiful landscapes

Bicycle and tulips on it

If you want to hang out after you have already picked tulips, pay first, so you avoid long wait lines. Remember, the longer you wait, the more you will stay in line.

Sadly tulips season does not last long, but you should come back to Holland Ridge Farms in September when Sunflower fields replace the tulip fields. Picking sunflower is on my bucket list, and I cannot wait to update this post with more pictures and details as soon as we go.

Have you been to Holland Ridge Farms? Any other tulips farm? Would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments.

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