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Hi, I’m Mariam. Thanks for stopping by my page. I am a full-time working mom and prioritize having out-of-office adventures with my husband and kids.

I want to show you that you can have your 9-5 but still live an adventurous life without sacrificing your career.

I genuinely believe that traveling significantly improves our overall well-being. It allows us to see the world we share with others differently. Not to mention family bonding, increasing self-awareness, or simply creating memorable experiences.

Below are some of the family-friendly destination guides you will find on my page. We have no plans to stop adding to the list!

I believe that you can still travel while having a demanding career

Traveling is one of our priorities in life, but we are not full-time travelers. Like most of you, we have our day jobs and only limited PTO days.

I understand the hectic schedules, so I aim to help busy families like you keep exploring through my detailed travel itineraries, hotel reviews, and local finds.

A couple posing watching each other in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris

Traveling With kids is possible and fun.

You can still travel with kids. You may need to adjust your expectations and make a few personal sacrifices, but it can still be fun.

I want to show you that kids love to explore more than just a resort area. Sometimes we still visit places that are less exciting for them, but that’s part of growth, learning, and compromising for each other.

Sharing experiences with the people you love the most will be hugely rewarded by its long-term benefits. Read some of my favorite travel with-kids quotes to inspire you more.

A mother and a baby in her arms exploring ice castles

Traveling locally is still traveling.

If you are like us and can’t physically afford long-distance trips more than 2-3 times a year, try to find adventures near you!

Use your PTOs, weekends, and holidays wisely; you will always explore! Go on a hike, explore a new neighborhood, visit a new museum, visit a farm, or plan a weekend getaway; these are my favorite ways to recharge from busy office days.

How It All Started

My maternity stay inspired this blog when I took a year off from the office to bond with my firstborn child. Starting a family and having a kid is a significant lifestyle change. People have warned us that adventures with kids are challenging. While I agree that it is not easy, we never considered stopping.

In return, we started to try exploring with our son slowly. At first, we did a couple of local staycations. I remember how exhausting they were, and I could barely enjoy any of it, but things got better with time.

We learned to readjust our schedules and expectations. We learned and are constantly learning what works best for all of us while planning our weekend trips or destinations.

And then, I decided to create a platform to connect with busy moms who also loved traveling to share our experiences, travel itineraries, and tips and make life easier during travel planning.

Currently, we have another tiny traveler added to our team. We are now learning to travel and create memorable experiences with a 4-year-old and a baby. And once again, we believe every challenge is worth the experiences shared.

Lady Out of Office is where you can read our recommendations, tips, and guides. Our itineraries for each weekend trip or destination include many must-sees and many kid-friendly things to do.

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