Mom and 2 kids holding hands walking on the beach in St. Lucia

St. Lucia With Kids: Ultimate Family Vacation Guide 2024

Are you planning to visit St. Lucia with Kids and need help planning your Itinerary? This comprehensive family-friendly St. Lucia guide is a great start!

We recently visited St. Lucia with our four-year-old and one-year-old kids. If you ever doubted that St. Lucia is a great family destination, then be assured that it certainly is. This picturesque Caribbean island offers a perfect blend of relaxation in family-friendly resorts and exciting nature adventures for all ages.

Some of our favorite things to do in St. Lucia with kids were a bean-to-bar chocolate-making experience, wandering through the rainforest and plantations, visiting the Soufriere Volcano, a private boat excursion around the island, exploring the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens and spotting beautiful hummingbirds all around, and watching the sunsets!

Whether visiting for the first time or returning for another taste of its charm, St. Lucia promises an unforgettable family vacation.

Beautiful Hummingbird on a plant

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Is St. Lucia Good With Kids?

We have been there, doubting whether a St. Lucia vacation with kids was a good idea or if it was a destination for honeymooners only. Still, if your family loves outdoor adventures and hanging out at the beach, St. Lucia is an ideal destination.

The island offers many activities and attractions, from stunning waterfalls and nature trails to Volcano visits, water adventures, and wildlife spotting in the rainforest. So be assured that you will find something exciting to do for every age.

mom holding hands of two kids each side walking smiling on the beach in St Lucia

Best time to Visit

St. Lucia has a warm tropical climate year-round, with a dry season from December to May and a wet season from June to November.

Be aware that the wet season can bring heavy rainfall and the chance of hurricanes, particularly in August, September, and October, which can impact outdoor activities.

For the best weather, consider visiting in the spring, specifically in March, when you’ll enjoy warm weather and plenty of sunshine. We went in March, and each day was more beautiful than the other.

Kid playing in the sand at Windjammer Landing Resort Beach

Airport Transfers

Most international flights arrive at the Main St. Lucia International Airport (UVF),, where you need to arrange an airport transfer to your resort. You may find a few hotel options near the airport, but expect the most popular hotels and resorts in the Castries and Soufriere area, which are about 1 – 1.5 hours away.

Make sure to get a comfortable ride. The island is tiny. However, the roads are bumpy and mountainous, with some winding roads. You may need to prepare anti-motion medications if you or your kids get motion sickness. My son rarely feels anything during our road trips, but he got slightly uncomfortable driving around St. Lucia.

Here are some tips to make your long airport transfers more comfortable:

  • Book a Quality Airport Transfer Car – We booked our airport transfer with Viator, which worked well. The air-conditioned car was comfortable and spacious, with St. Lucia rum, light refreshments, and some plantain chips waiting for us! The driver was very polite and professional. He also shared so much insight and valuable information about the island and stopped for beautiful lookout spots! Later, we used the same car service to visit other destinations from our Itinerary. Book your car service here.
  • Rent a car. If you do not mind driving on the left side, this can be a great option to accommodate your family.
  • Book a helicopter transfer. This is an excellent alternative to taxis, and it will take less than 15 minutes to get to your resort hassle-free. I wish we knew more about this. Would have been a fun little adventure to add in our guide and also save some time.

St. Lucia Family Resorts

St. Lucia offers a range of accommodation options in various locations. Some popular areas to stay in include Castries, North St. Lucia (Gros Islet/Rodney Bay), Soufriere, and the Pitons. Each region has its unique attractions and amenities.

Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort (All Inclusive)

We stayed at this resort and had an excellent experience overall. Here are things that make Windjammer Landing very family-friendly.

Windjammer Landing Resort pool and chairs showcasing resort exterior
  • The resort offers guests an option for an all-inclusive stay.
  • There is an unlimited shuttle at the resort, helping guests get from their villas to the main area and back to their villas any time of the day. We have so much respect for all the staff who took hundreds of turns daily to transport guests back and forth.
  • The resort has a complimentary VIP Kids’ Club for ages 4-12, with various supervised activities, including very cool interactive activities like storytelling and movie nights at the beach.
  • Each villa at Windjammer is well-suited for families and is equipped with kitchens and balconies.
  • The resort offers multiple family-friendly restaurants on-site. Our favorite place was Papa Don’s, the Italian restaurant. It is the busiest restaurant, so make a reservation a few days before for each day you want to visit.

Cons: The only downside I can think of is the location. The resort is in the Castries area. Since our Itinerary included many off-resort adventures near Soufriere, we had to drive more than one hour each time to get to our destinations.

Check the Price and Availability For Windjammer Landing Resort

Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, is located in Soufriere on the west coast of St. Lucia, nestled between the majestic Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. It is a stunning hotel to splurge in during your family vacation in St. Lucia.

Father mother and two kids at Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort with the view of a Piton

The resort provides activities for children, including a kids club with supervised activities such as treasure hunts, arts and crafts, and sports. Additionally, there are family-friendly amenities such as a family pool and a range of water sports suitable for children.

You are very close to most outdoor adventures here, and your commute will be significantly short, making this an excellent choice to get around with kids.

We visited Sugar Beach during our boat trip, and it was stunning. Even if you do not stay here, a day trip to Sugar Beach is still a great way to spend a day in St. Lucia.

Cons: The price tag can be not so budget friendly when visiting as a family.

Check the Price and Availability for Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort

Coconut Bay Resort & Spa (All Inclusive)

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is a premium all-inclusive resort just about 5 minutes from Saint Lucia Airport. Situated on 85 acres, the resort offers two distinct wings: Harmony, which is the adults-only section, and Splash, which is the kid-friendly section.

Here, you will enjoy the largest waterpark on the island, designed for all ages! Your kids will never want to leave this place.

The resort features 9 restaurants, 7 bars, 5 pools, a water park, and a full-service spa for guests of all ages.

The resort also offers a free airport shuttle service. 

Cons: While conveniently located by the airport, you are further from experiences and natural outdoor adventures on the island.

Check the price and availability for Coconut Bay Resort & Spa

Things to Do in St. Lucia With Kids

View The Pitons From the Sea or Land

No trip to St. Lucia is complete without viewing the iconic Pitons. Take a family-friendly hike if you are traveling with older kids who are up for an adventure, or take a boat tour.

We chose to do a private Boat trip around Soufriere, which was one of the highlights of our trip. Seeing Pitons from the water was breathtaking and such a memorable experience.

2 little kids playing on Sugar Beach Resort in St. Lucia with the view of Piton  mountain

Visit Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park: Step back at Pigeon Island National Park. You’ll discover centuries-old military ruins and can climb to Fort Rodney for panoramic views. It’s educational and fun, with lots of space for the kids to run around.

Visit Soufriere Volcano and Sulfur Baths

Visiting the Sulphur Springs volcano in St. Lucia is an educational and unique experience for kids and adults too. We witnessed the world’s only drive-in volcano, observed the geothermal activity. It was mind-blowing to see hot bubbling volcanic activity although Volcano is dormant currently.

Note that there is an unpleasant sulfur scent once you get closer to the Volcano. It was as bad as rotten eggs, but seeing the Volcanic bubbles was worth it!

Steam coming out from Soufriere Volcano

Afterward, we went for natural mud baths, which are believed to have therapeutic properties. Every local we met advised us to do this, so we did not want to regret it later and went for it.

The truth is, I think my kids were still too small for this and were not too excited. The baby even got scared looking at muddy strangers. I think older kids will have much more fun with mud baths.

Rainforest Aerial Tram

The Aerial Tram in St. Lucia offers a unique and family-friendly experience for children, allowing them to explore the rainforest from a distinctive treetop view.

Kids aged 12 years and older can enjoy the adventure, accompanied by a specialist guide, as they glide through the treetops in an open-air gondola, experiencing the lush environment and diverse wildlife. The excursion also provides educational opportunities for children to learn about the rainforest ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Splash Island Water Sports Park

Splash Island Water Park in St. Lucia is the Caribbean’s first open-water sports park on the famous Reduit Beach in Rodney Bay.

To enjoy the Splash Island Water Park, which is set up on the water, Kids who are 6 years and older will be required to wear life vests regardless of their swimming abilities.

Visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite places to explore with kids was the Diamond Falls Botanical Garden. The gardens contain many beautiful flowers and plants, and we also spotted hummingbirds! Here, kids can explore and learn about different plant species.

The trail leading to the waterfall is kid-friendly, without any hike necessary. We could even get some heat break here with so many plants around.

Mom holding baby watching Diamond falls in St. Lucia

We did not do any tour for this, and explored on our own but you have an option for a guided tour too!

Take Chocolate Making Tour by Hotel Chocolat

If your kids love chocolate, they will love this immersive and educational experience of the chocolate-making process from scratch. You will learn about how cocoa beans are grown, including grafting a tree, walking through a rainforest, and hand-crafting your chocolate bar.

kid entering a rainforest in St. Lucia

While children under age 8 cannot get involved in the actual chocolate-making process, my 4-year-old still had a lot of fun exploring the cocoa plantation, seeing the beans, and watching how we molded the chocolate bar with some tastings!

chocolate making process in St Lucia

The tour is very informative and well-organized. I highly recommend it if you have a half day to devote to this.

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Things to do in St. Lucia With Babies and Toddlers

Island getaways are the best vacation for babies and toddlers, and our 16-month-old would agree if he could. If your babies are anything like mine, my toddler loved being around us doing any activity. He was genuinely happy being around his family

Beaches – Baby had the best time chilling at the Windjammer Landing family-friendly beach and Sugar Beach. He also loved the boat tour and napped well during the ride.

Diamond Falls Botanical Garden was a big hit for him, too. He could not stop running around and checking out rocks and leaves. It was one of the best places for him to hang out. The trail is very kid friendly, and no hike is required to get to the falls.

Cocoland Waterpark—Get a day Pass to Coconut Bay Resort and Spa for a fun day at Cocoland! This is the largest waterpark in St Lucia, with water slides, splashes, and a lazy river. There is something for kids of all ages.

At the moment of writing this post, the day passes for ages 3-11 is $ 50 USD, and for ages 12+ is $ 150 USD. Note that the passes depend on availability, so make sure to call the resort in front and reserve your spots!

Best Beaches to Visit in St. Lucia With Kids

Reduit Beach – Reduit Beach is a popular destination in St. Lucia, known for its long stretch of white sand and inviting turquoise waters. The beach offers various amenities, including nearby restaurants, resorts, and water sports activities. It is considered one of the island’s largest and most popular beaches.

Anse Chastenet — Anse Chastanet Beach is located in St. Lucia and is known for its picturesque views of the Piton Mountains and excellent snorkeling opportunities. The beach is accessible, and free parking and restroom facilities are nearby. Dining options are available at the nearby Anse Chastanet Resort.

Sugar Beach—Visiting Sugar Beach for a day can still provide a memorable experience, as the resort offers a variety of activities and amenities suitable for a day trip. Families can enjoy the beach, water sports, and the V Team Kids Club, which provide opportunities for relaxation and entertainment during a day visit.

Eating in St. Lucia With Kids

When dining in St. Lucia with kids, knowing that many restaurants offer child-friendly menus and accommodations is helpful. The local cuisine includes fried or grilled fish, green figs, saltfish, and stewed meats. Additionally, it’s common for restaurants to provide high chairs and kid-friendly dining environments.

While most establishments offered the kids’ menu, there were few options for kids. The most popular option is fried fish sticks accompanied by salad and fries, mac and cheese, and chicken fingers. We mostly opted for locally caught fish options, whether grilled or fried.

One thing to note is that we noticed that local dishes, in general, have a lot of flavors in St. Lucia—mostly West Indian flavors.

Suppose you or your kids are sensitive to any specific flavors. Make sure to mention it at the restaurant.

  • Local delicacies to try in St. Lucia:
    • Stew chicken
    • Fried plantains
    • Callaloo soup
    • Green figs and saltfish
    • Local fish
kids menu popular choice in St Lucia featuring fried fish sticks, salad, and fries

Visiting St. Lucia With Kids: Practical Information

Before you visit St. Lucia with kids, you must understand the transportation options, know where healthcare facilities are, and familiarize yourself with safety guidelines. This will ensure a smooth and worry-free trip.

Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitals: Major hospitals are located in Castries and Vieux Fort for emergencies. Additionally, several clinics are throughout the island.
  • Pharmacies: Stock up on essentials as pharmacies may close early or be unavailable in remote areas.

Safety Guidelines

  • Natural Hazards: Avoid natural hazards such as uneven footpaths or sudden rainstorms. These can create slippery conditions.
  • Beach Safety: Always obey lifeguard warnings and be mindful of solid undercurrents when swimming.
  • Mosquitos: Bring a Mosquito spray with you. You may need it depending on the weather and how rainy it was before your arrival.

Is St. Lucia Expensive For a Family Vacation?

It is no secret that a family vacation to St. Lucia will be costly. We noticed a significant difference here compared to other Caribbean islands, excluding Turks and Caicos, which was very comparable in budget.

Here are some tips to manage your budget during your St. Lucia vacation with kids:

  • Accommodation: Look for family-friendly resorts with value deals, especially during the off-season from May to October.
  • Eating Out: You can save on meals by dining at local eateries instead of resort restaurants. Stocking up on snacks and quick meal options from local supermarkets can also help keep costs down.
  • Transportation: Taxis can be costly, so consider renting a car for your stay
  • Sightseeing: Many natural attractions in St. Lucia are free or have a low entry fee. Plan your Itinerary around these natural wonders to maximize your experiences. A few of those include Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. The beautiful beaches in St. Lucia are also usually open to the public at no cost.

St. Lucia With Kids: Summary

There you have it—the comprehensive guide to visiting St. Lucia with kids with plenty of activities to entertain kids of all ages! You have many options here, whether you visit Soufriere for chocolate making, Sugar Beach relaxing, snorkeling, hitting the waterpark, or staying all day at the beach and indulging in subsets.

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